The Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association® is a non-profit 501(c)3 arts organization which believes that artistic expression and the creative process are positive and desirable contributions to our diverse culture. The GLVMA© is run through the efforts of forward focused, volunteer leadership.


We exist to create and deliver positive experiences through music, with a focus on honoring and developing our youth, thereby inspiring others to live creatively through their talent.


With our programs and events, including the Lehigh Valley Music Awards, we help young musicians achieve artistic, educational and social goals by providing education, exposure and monetary support through scholarships while also providing our established local music legends and overall music industry with increased opportunity through events and programs designed to elevate the industry as a whole.


No Favorites – We embrace diversity.

I am the GLVMA© – We operate as one team with one voice and vision.

Thirst for New Talent – Thirst for understanding of music scene.

Cherish Community Interdependence – Open approach to working with the community, including like-minded organizations, schools and music professionals

Evolving Leadership – We will always adapt our strategies to reflect the current state of the industry.

Help The GLVMA


Lehigh Valley Music Awards


Volunteering with the GLVMA is a wonderful way to support our local music scene.

We are fighting the good fight for local music and our youth.  Our events and programs are designed to be rewarding for both recipient and volunteer alike.  Join us and contribute your part in helping to grow this area’s appreciation and exposure to local music!


Thank you for your interest in volunteering!  We are always taking applications and review each one for the appropriate fit.  We reserve the right to accept or refuse applicants at our sole discretion.  All who work with the GLVMA are expected to live by the organization’s mission and values.  Please review them before applying to become a volunteer.


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